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AI Literacy Professional Development opportunities designed to bridge the gap between teachers and modern technology. Our PD workshops
empower teachers to leverage AI in the classroom, discovering innovative methods to enhance student learning while freeing
up valuable time for planning and strategizing outside the classroom.


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Feeling overwhelmed by the fast pace
advancements of AI technology?

We recognize that educators often lack the time needed to effectively learn and implement new technology in classrooms.

Our workshops offer teachers training and support on the tools and techniques needed to thrive in the classroom in 2024. 

Schedule a free consultation today to discover how we can help you can use Artificial Intelligence to win back your time and energy.

Seamless AI
Onboarding Process

Navigating the paradigm shift in educational models from blackboard to dashboard is not an easy task, especially when technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. My seamless AI onboarding process equips teachers with the tools and training they need for quick and effortless integration, ensuring they can optimize the full potential of AI from day one. I recognize that this transition calls for insightful leaders who have comprehensive knowledge of the digital landscape and a refined method for incorporating technology in an educational setting. 

Professional Development
Teachers Want to Attend

My interactive Professional Development workshops are designed to maximize potential and minimize time spent on daily tasks by streamlining processes. I teach Generative AI concepts and integrations so that educators can leverage emerging technology to become more effective teachers. I bring proven expertise to every project and provide comprehensive support to districts, schools, and individual teachers from start to finish, ensuring your success is my priority. You get to save time and energy with the tools and resources provided that benefit individuals beyond the walls of the school.

Best Practices

The shift towards digitalized education extends beyond merely adopting new technologies; it represents a deeper, systemic shift in educational methods and philosophies. As a consultant specializing in AI integration for education, I use data-driven best practices in AI integration to enhance educational outcomes. My approach empowers educators by streamlining day-to-day tasks, enabling more effective instruction and transforming the educational experience to increase academic success across diverse settings.

Our Simple 3-Step Process


1. Discover

First, we want to know about you, your school, and your teaching philosophy. We provide support to districts, schools, and individual teachers on their journey.


2. Strategize

Next, we spot potential growth opportunities and set clear goals. We then develop a custom strategy, specifically tailored to your needs and technology skill level, all while remaining aligned with best practices.


3. Maximize

I streamline your processes and maximize your potential while minimizing time spent on daily tasks. I follow-up with you to ensure operations are running smoothly and timelines are being met.

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Lauren Farrow

Empower. Engage. Educate.

"Consider me your AInstructional coach, as I teach you how AI-powered technology can drastically transform your life in and outside of the classroom."

Lauren Farrow | Founder of Teacher to Techie

Say goodbye to spending evenings on lesson planning.

With the right tools, you can streamline your workflow and say goodbye to spending evenings on lesson planning.
Schedule a free consultation today to discover how I can help you can use Artificial Intelligence to win back your time and energy.

Boost School Rank


Professional Development that makes a difference in and outside of the classroom.

Maximize Your Potential


Learn how you can use Artificial Intelligence to win back your time and energy.


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I provide comprehensive training tailored to your school's specific needs, covering everything from the basic operations of AI software to advanced features like data analytics, AI Prompting strategies, and customized learning paths. Our interactive training is designed to empower educators to gain the confidence needed to integrate these new technologies as early as the next day.

My approach is designed for seamless onboarding and quick implementation. By scheduling training over summer break, you can effectively set up your staff for the 24-25 with some high value tech resources. Some of the strategies and resources I provide can be practiced in the classroom as early as the next day. The workshop is typically 60-90 minutes long.

Teacher to Techie is an all-inclusive organization seeking to spread knowledge and awareness about emerging technology in the 21st century to educators of all ages and stages in their journey as a teacher. My workshops are differentiated based on your particular level of tech literacy, so you exactly what value you are going to get from my workshop. My resources not only serve to help teachers in a traditional classroom setting but also parents, interventionists, tutors, special education teachers, administrators, and more.

AI education platforms can drastically improve efficiency by automating routine tasks. You may be familiar with digital apps and platforms such as LaunchPad, Canvas, LanSchool Air, and Microsoft Teams, which combine technology, digital content, and instruction to strengthen a student's learning experience. What if I told you that I could enhance your already effective software with Artificial Intelligence? In my workshops, I teach you how advanced data analysis tools can transform your school, streamline tasks, and personalize learning which ultimately boosts student academic success and enhances teacher productivity.

Education is quickly evolving in the 21st century to an increasingly digitized environment. We must empower and educate teachers about this rapidly evolving technology to stay ahead of the curve. The Teacher to Techie approach ensures that we do not become people blindly led by technology, but rather people leading technology guided by insight and purpose to prepare our students for the digital society they are being raised. Teacher to Techie provides benefits beyond the school walls while saving you time and energy, making your work-life balance more manageable. Win back time to do what you love: teaching.
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